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Sign the Petition and Contact Your Legislator to Demand Fair Maps

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Tennessee's state legislative and congressional districts are drawn by the Legislature via ordinary statute, and are subject to the Governor's veto. The first Redistricting Committee meeting in 2022 took place January 12, where a House Republican plan to carve Davidson County into three congressional districts passed its first hurdle, advancing out of a redistricting committee over the objections of Democrats who decried the process as secretive. The proposed map would dramatically alter the political landscape of Middle Tennessee, a region driving the state’s ongoing population growth. Davidson County has been a historic Democratic stronghold, but the new formula would dilute the county's vote and likely deliver Republicans another congressional seat. The bid to target Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District, currently represented by U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper, D-Nashville, would significantly shift the district southwest. The proposed district would include south Davidson County, east Williamson county and west Wilson County, in addition to covering Lewis, Maury and Marshall counties. Advocates are most concerned about Nashville-area Congressional District 5, currently represented by Jim Cooper (D).


GOP lawmakers have ignored efforts to delay votes on House and other maps and advocates expect that all the maps will go to the Senate floor for a vote Thursday, Jan. 20.

​​Sign the petition and contact your legislator to voice your objections to the new maps that strips communities of color from having fair representation.

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