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Sabina Mohyuddin

Executive Director

"To be an American means to know the problems facing your neighbors and work hard to be a part of the solution regardless of the differences you may have. Compassion, love and justice are the cornerstones of how we should interact with each other." 

Sabina Mohyuddin is a Bangladeshi American Muslim born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. She graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1993 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She is an active member of the Muslim community participating in interfaith and youth programs. In 2010, Sabina helped launch the Sons and Daughters of Abraham which brings Muslim, Christian, and Jewish youth across Middle Tennessee together through interfaith dialogue and outreach programs. Sabina has published a number of articles in The Tennessean and was an outspoken critic of the 2011 anti-sharia bill in the Tennessee state legislature. She is a founding board member of the American Muslim Advisory Council, which fosters mutual trust and respect among all people through civic engagement, community building and media relations in order to protect all Tennesseans from prejudice and targeted violence. She serves as the chair of AMAC’s yearly Empowering Women conference. Additionally, Sabina serves on the Community Nashville board which combats bias, bigotry, and racism among youth and serves on the National Organization of Workforce Diversity board which helps promote diversity in the workplace.

Najmun Noor

West Tennessee Program Manager

 "My passion is to thrive and and share glory in humane issues and adversity, facing challenges collectively so that we can live and let others live in a diversity that holds fast and strong."

Subsequent to completing his Masters in Business Administration, Najmun Noor was principally committed to business entities. The mainstay of his commitments centered around aero-political negotiations with several countries as a precursor to commencement of air services between point to point locations. Negotiations and arriving at mutually beneficial agreements formed the basis of Najmun's area of specialization in order to arrive at understanding between stakeholders. He has strived to combining for synergy and cohesive results. Corporate assignments eventually landed Najmun into field assignments. Either being called into troubleshooting specific areas for remedial measures or for turnkey operations, he was spearheading sales and marketing efforts to set up operations in Japan, USA and the Middle East. In each of these locations, he utilized the benefit of being in a key and decisive role to develop and enhance goodwill and relationships. It was this mindset of working hand in hand with others that he saw utility of working with diverse nationalities towards an inclusive and participative role. He served, albeit in a volunteering position, under the aegis of Office of Multicultural and Religious Affairs in the Mayor's Office in Memphis.

AMAC's Board of Directors

SALEH SBENATY - Chair -  Middle TN
  KHALAT HAMA -  Secretary  -  East TN
MA'HAJJ ABDUL-BAAQEE -  Treasurer  -  West TN

ZULFAT SUARA  -  Member  -  Middle TN
ANDRE CANTY  -  Member  -  East TN
MAHA AYASH - Member - East TN
SAADIA OMER -  Member  -  West TN


FADI NASR - Member - Middle TN

TODD MCKINNEY - Advisory Board Member - Middle TN

TALHA HASEEN - Advisory Board Member - Middle TN

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