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Sign the Petition for Driver's License Testing in More Languages

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Our State, Our Languages is a coalition of six grassroots community organizations: American Muslim Advisory Council, API Nashville, Elmahaba Center, Ethiopian Community Association of Nashville, Never Again TN, and Somali Community Center of Middle Tennessee. Together, we represent tens of thousands of Tennesseans from across the state who understands that our communities need greater access to drivers’ licenses in order to drive Tennessee forward.

Currently, the drivers test in Tennessee is only available in English, Spanish, German, Korean, and Japanese. These languages do not accurately reflect the people of Tennessee. The most basic daily tasks are often impossible to do without access to driving, like getting to work or getting groceries. The people of Tennessee have been asking for this for years. Our communities have asked for access many times, including earlier in 2022, 2019, and before.

This problem is severe: there are more than 170,000 Tennesseans whose languages are not represented on the drivers’ test (according to 2019 data of the Migration Policy Institute).

Please join us and sign the petition to demand that the Tennessee Driver's Test be offered in more languages to ensure greater language access for all people.

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