Muslim Day on the Hill

AMAC - Muslim Day on The Hill copy.png

On Wednesday, March 9th, we held our annual Muslim Day on the Hill that was attended by around 60 community members from across the state. We were joined by high school and middle school students from Memphis and Knoxville, as well as established community leaders and activists from across the state. In total, the East, West, and Middle Tennessee delegations met with 23 legislators from both the Republican and Democratic parties.


In addition to discussing education funding, opposition to a bill to limit instruction of “divisive concepts” in higher education, and support for a bill that would help eligible high school students register to vote, Muslim Day on the Hill participants talked to legislators about issues they found important. Participants brought up the importance of representation, concerns about the critical race theory and true history debate in schools, the need to have a driver’s license test that can be taken in multiple languages, and more. The Tennessean wrote an article that highlighted a number of activities that took place during the day and shared pictures that were taken throughout the day. Following the event, participants were asked to fill out a survey, provide feedback, and email their legislators to continue to build that connection. 

We thank all of the participants who attended and advocated on behalf of our community and all the state legislators for their time. We look forward to organizing in our community as we head into the election season.