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2024 Elections  

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Election Update

Voting is critical to building our political power, ensuring representation and a responsibility we owe to our community. Muslim Americans are among the least likely to register to vote. Your participation is vital to shaping our state’s future. Join our 2024 #GetOutTheMuslimVote campaign to break down barriers and promote civic engagement. Every vote counts, and your voice matters. 
Did you receive a citizenship verification letter from the State Election Commission? Click here to learn how to respond.

Register to Vote

In Tennessee, you must register to vote 30 days before an election. You can register to vote online, in-person or by downloading a registration form and submitting it to your local election commission. To be eligible to vote in Tennessee you:
  • Must be a US citizen. 
  • Must be 18 years of age or older on or before the date of the next election.
  • Must be a resident of Tennessee. 
  • For a full list of requirements visit 
  • If you've registered in the past, check your voter status






Once you’ve registered to vote, check in with family and friends to make sure they have done the same. 

Find your district, ballot, voting (polling) locations and more at

Important Election Dates


Presidential Preference Primary & County Primary Election

February 5 – Voter Registration Deadline
February 14 – Early Voting Starts
February 27 – Early Voting Ends & Absentee

Ballot Request Deadline

March 5 – Election Day

State and Federal Primary Elections

& State and County General Election

Primary elections will be held for U.S. Senate,

U.S. House of Representatives, Tennessee Senate

(even-numbered districts), and Tennessee House of

Representatives. General elections will be held for

vacant state judicial offices and applicable county


July 2 – Voter Registration Deadline
July 12 – Early Voting Starts

August 1 – Election Day (State and Federal

Primary & State and County General Election)

State and Federal General Election

October 7 – Voter Registration Deadline
October 16 – Early Voting Starts
October 29 – Absentee Ballot Request Deadline
October 31 – Early Voting Ends

November 5 – Election Day (State and Federal

General Election)

Early Voting for August 1st Elections

Early voting is a vital opportunity for the Muslim community to ensure our voices are heard in shaping Tennessee's future. By participating in early voting, we can avoid potential election day challenges, such as long lines or unexpected obligations, that might prevent us from casting our ballots.


Early Voting Details:

  • Dates: Friday, July 12 - Saturday, July 27

  • Election Day: Tuesday, August 1

  • Hours: 7am - 7pm CST / 8am - 8pm EST


Action Steps:

  1. To ensure you are ready to cast your vote, take a moment to verify your voter status by visiting Tennessee's Voter Lookup. It's essential to confirm that everything is in order.

  2. Plan your visit within the early voting period to make sure your vote counts.


Your vote is your ticket to influence Tennessee’s future. Let's make sure our community's voice is heard loud and clear! For links to election commissions with early voting locations and time, visit:


Make sure to confirm early voting locations and times by visiting your local election commission’s website. Together, we can make a difference. Happy voting!

Voting Requirements:  You must be registered to vote and bring with you a state or federal photo ID such as:

  • Tennessee driver license with your photo

  • United States Passport

  • Photo ID issued by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security

  • Photo ID issued by the federal or Tennessee state government

  • United States Military photo ID

  • Tennessee handgun carry permit with your photo

  • For a full list of acceptable ID, visit


What’s on the Ballot in Tennessee

  • Federal Primary Election: Similar to a state primary, but focuses on selecting candidates for federal offices, such as the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Like state primaries, voters affiliated with a particular political party participate in the federal primary to choose their party's nominees for federal-level positions. The winners advance to compete in the general election to represent their state at the federal level.

  • State Primary Election: A state primary election is a preliminary election held by a political party to determine its candidates for various offices such as governor, state legislators, and other state-level positions. In a state primary, voters affiliated with a particular political party cast their ballots to select the party's nominee for the general election. The winners represent their party in the general election.

  • County General Election: A county general election is specific to a county within a state. Voters within the county cast their ballots to elect officials who will represent them at the county level, such as county commissioners, sheriffs, district attorneys, and other county-level positions. It may also include local ballot measures or initiatives relevant to the county’s residents. The winners serve their constituents at the county level.


Sample ballots:

Candidate One Pager
Join our Movement

Share your photos & videos on why voting is important to you. Print the picture below and use hashtags #MyMuslimVote #GetOutTheMuslimVote and tag us @AMACtn.
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