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Community Safety Tips

Be Alert & Aware of Your Environment

Studies show that hate crimes against Muslims continue to go underreported and undercounted. Do NOT make determinations on your own as to the seriousness or credibility of such threats. Report all incidences immediately to law enforcement.


Call AMAC at 1-615-988-6460 or fill out a Threat Report here. You can email for further assistance and so AMAC can keep track of threats to Tennessee Muslims.





  • Do your best to seem calm and neutral.

  • Do not allow them to have control over your emotions.

  • Don’t argue with them or try to verbally combat them. You will only fuel them to abuse you more. By becoming neutral and non-responsive, you are reclaiming your control over your emotions.

  • Be aware that if you don’t react to them, they may try harder and might even try to physically harm you to get a  reaction.

  • If possible, record or take pictures (unless it will escalate the situation).

  • You should get away from them at your earliest opportunity if they show any signs of escalating the level of abuse  

  • Note the following information about the incident/perpetrator:

    • When and where the incident occurred

    • What happened immediately prior to the incident

    • The specific language of the threat

    • Physical conduct that would substantiate intent to follow through on the threat

    • How the threat-maker appeared (physically and emotionally)

    • Names of others who were directly involved and any actions they took

    • How the incident ended

    • Names of witnesses

  • Talk to friends and families. Seek counseling.




An excellent resource for both brothers and sisters from Sound Vision can be found here.



  • Take a screen shot of the page for your record.

  • Report to the page administrator – See Muslim Advocates step by step guide on handling online threats here.



  • Remain vigilant. Stay safe but do not be afraid. God is our best protector.

  • Keep your phone with you and charged at all times.

  • Program campus police number into your phone.

  • Don’t walk alone, especially at night. Call friends, campus escort service or police to accompany you to your home or car.

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