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2022 Elections - November 8th 

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Election Day is Here! 

November 8th from 7am to 7pm central

Now is your chance to have your voice heard in the midterm elections.  Voting is power! Polls are open across Tennessee from 7am to 7pm central on Tuesday, November 8th.

Find your district, ballot, voting (polling) locations and more at


Need a Ride to the Polls? Click here.

Sample Ballots

Find out what will be on your ballot before you go to the polls. Below are county-specific information for state & county primaries and sample ballots.

West TN 
Shelby County 

Middle TN

East TN 


First time voting? Watch these videos to learn how the voting machines work!

Davidson County and Shelby County














Who should I vote for?

AMAC wants to make sure that you are an informed voter. As a result of the 2020 census, district borders have shifted. Your district for different races may have changed. Visit the League of Women Voters' page to see who is running in your district and what their position is on different issues. Then choose the best candidate for the job! Also, learn about candidates in Nashville, Memphis, and Chattanooga from The Equity Alliance Voter Guide.

Constitutional Amendments on the Ballot

For the upcoming November elections, four proposed TN constitutional amendments will be voted on. These four amendments will be voted “yes” or “no”. Read below to see all the amendments and a brief description of each 

Constitutional Amendment #1: “Right to Work” 
Vote NO to constitutional amendment one. This amendment would enshrine TN law over unions into the state constitution. This law would allow non-union members to enjoy union benefits, which reduces the ability of members to engage in collective bargaining in their workplace.

Constitutional Amendment #2: Acting Governor
Vote YES on the proposed amendment 2 which adds more directions for legislators to follow in the state constitution in the case that the governor is temporarily unable to exercise power.

Constitutional Amendment #3: Slavery
Vote YES to constitutional amendment three. This amendment would remove language in the TN constitution that permits slavery as punishment for crime. 

Constitutional Amendment #4: Religious Ministers 
Vote YES to constitutional amendment four. This amendment would delete a section that prevents “ministers of the gospel” and priests from holding office in the state. 

Summary of important races and ballot amendments.

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Rutherford Co. Nov 8th Elections.jpg
Williamson Co. Nov 8th Elections.jpg

Register to Vote for Next Year's Elections

In Tennessee, you must register to vote by October 11th to vote in the November 8th municipal, state and federal general elections. If you missed the deadline, you can still register now to vote for local elections next year. You can register to vote online, in-person or by downloading a registration form and submitting it to your local election commission. To be eligible to vote in Tennessee you:
  • Must be a US citizen. 
  • Must be 18 years of age or older on or before the date of the next election.
  • Must be a resident of Tennessee. 
  • For a full list of requirements visit 
  • If you've registered in the past, check your voter status  
Once you’ve registered to vote, check in with family and friends to make sure they have done the same. 
Join our Movement

Share your photos & videos on why voting is important to you. Print the picture below and use hashtags #MyMuslimVote #GetOutTheMuslimVote and tag us @AMACtn.
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