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Supporting Afghan Neighbors

Supporting Our Afghan Neighbors
Tennessee will be welcoming Afghans escaping the current crisis in Afghanistan. In Nashville, over 500 Afghans are expected to arrive over the next weeks and months.  We want to welcome them with open arms, giving them the support they need to adjust to their new life in America.  Find out ways you can welcome our new Afghan Neighbors through volunteering or donating items or funds.

Afghan Support Fund

 With your financial support, AMAC will provide the support and financial assistance for new Afghan families in need. Donate for AMAC's General Support Fund or AMAC's West Tennessee Support Fund


Are you looking for a way to help out but are not sure what to do? There are many ways to volunteer including welcoming families, collecting and organizing donations, providing transportation, interpretation services, and more.  Sign up for AMAC's volunteer list and stay updated on opportunities to volunteer.

Donate Items in Nashville

Want to donate items that the refugees may need?  The Community Resource Center (CRC) is collecting donations through their Amazon Wishlist for Afghan Allies. To organize your own donation drive through CRC, visit


Are you an employer who has job opportunities for new arrivals?  Do you have a separate space in your home or rental property to host an individual or family? Then fill out the form below

Nashville International Center for Empowerment (NICE)

For more ways to support Afghan refugees through volunteering, sponsorship, and donating items, visit the website for Nashville International Center for Empowerment (NICE)

Donate Items in Memphis

Want to donate items for the refugees arriving in Memphis?  Donate through AMAC's Amazon Wishlist for Afghan Refugees. 

Welcoming Nashville Fund

United Way of Greater Nashville is collecting donations to support the new Afghan arrivals. This is a partnership between NICE, Catholic Charities and AMAC.

Catholic Charities of Tennessee

For more ways to support Afghan refugees  through volunteering, mentoring, and donating items, visit Catholic Charities Website.

Stay informed of volunteer opportunities and donation drives by either filling out AMAC's Volunteer Interest Form or subscribing to our newsletter here.

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