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Muslims Helping Neighbors

Antioch mosque gives away more than 500 food boxes to community

Carmel Kookogey Nashville Tennessean

More than 500 people picked up free boxes of food at the Islamic Center of Tennessee on Friday afternoon. The boxes were donated and assembled in a collaborative effort between the American Muslim Advisory Council, the Yemeni American Merchants Association and the Islamic Center of Tennessee. Sabina Mohyuddin, Executive Director of the American Muslim Advisory Council, said she started the operation last week to help members of the community during the holy month of Ramadan. Typically, meals are served inside the Antioch mosque every night during Ramadan, bringing crowds of 200 people or more. Due to COVID-19 and social distancing, they have been unable to do that this year.  Mohyuddin said she wanted to fill that void by providing the food boxes. "I reached out to the Islamic Center of Tennessee, because they are our largest mosque in the area, and they were on board right away,” she said.

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