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Ensure better learning experiences for Muslim students.  

Muslims are the youngest faith group in America, so a significant percentage of the Muslim American population is future, current, or recent school-aged children. The vast majority of Muslim students attend public schools where they often have to advocate for the right to observe their religious beliefs. 

The goal of American public schools is to educate students academically and prepare them to be future leaders, professionals, and active citizens. However, years of research from across the country indicate that Muslim students consistently face the highest rates of religion-based bullying from adults and peers in schools. As a result, Muslim students indicate feeling unsafe at school, which is correlated with negative academic, behavioral, social, and mental health outcomes.  

It is critical that Muslim parents and communities work with students’ schools to ensure that Muslim youth feel safe and supported in their learning environments as they learn to navigate their complex identities and stay true to their beliefs.  

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