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At AMAC we are always looking to make supporting our work easy and convenient. Our 1,000 people at $10 a month campaign is designed to help us reduce our dependance on yearly fundraisers. For less than most people spend on softdrinks or coffee in a day you can help us protect the Religious Freedom in Tennesseee! Not only that but when we reach our goal of 1,000 monthly donors we can begin transforming our regional galas into true celebrations of the Tennessee Muslim Community and our accomplishments!

We thank you in advance for your support as a $10 or more a month donor. May God bless you and all of your loved ones!

AMAC is Unique, Effective & Proud!


We are locally funded and locally focused. But that isn’t why we are unique. It’s because we work to empower the entire faith community by advocating for social justice on behalf of Tennessee Muslims. Lastly, we are unique in that do not use the community to promote AMAC, rather we do our work in the name of the Muslim community to truly uplifted and promote the efforts of Tennessee Muslims.


AMAC has grown from a network of volunteers to a professionally managed and growing organization. Our impact has been studied by nonprofits and organizers from across American, and our work and team members are regularly featured in national and international media. In just five years, we have helped Tennessee Muslims progress from being one of the most attacked and defamed communities to one of the most empowered, and we’re just getting started!


AMAC is proudly a Muslim community organization! We are proud of our faith, our community, our contributions to Tennessee, our institutions and especially our southern roots. We confidently celebrate the Tennessee Muslim community as we work to protect all people from targeted violence and bigotry.

Support AMAC's 2017 Ramadan Challenge!

We're challenging our supporters to help us gain 150 new monthly donors at $10 DOLLARS a month OR MORE this Ramadan!

That's only, 50 new supporters from East, Middle and West Tennessee!

It's simple, just share with your friends and family and ask them to JOIN YOU in supporting AMAC's vital; community safety, media relations and civic empowerment work.

Why We Emphasize Monthly Donations?

We have a strategic reason for shifting our fundraising efforts towards monthly giving. The more monthly donors we have, the more strength we also will have when we are working to protect religious freedom and to empower you!


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